Research Awards


FWW Research Awards target early funding for small, short-term studies with promise for improving medical knowledge in cardiovascular disease, leading female cancers, the role of hormones in disease and stage-of-life health issues such as pregnancy and menopause and diseases disproportionately affecting women. We favor research proposals that have direct clinical application in preventing and/or treating disease; studies with the promise of yielding results that will attract larger sources of funding for advancing study; and influencing long-term research directions in its field.

2019FWW Research Awards


FWW Research Awards are one-time, non-recurring grants of $25,000. Only one application per principal investigator (PI). There is no limit to the number of applications from any one medical institution/organization.


DUE DATE: April 5, 11:59pm MST


Awardees & Updates

FWW is proud of the successful impact its past awardees have had in advancing medical knowledge in critical women’s health areas. Their work has been published in prestigious medical journals; received national and international media attention; and advanced thru successfully securing larger grant funds.