Research Awards

FWW Research Awards target small, short-term studies with promise for improving medical care in leading women’s health concerns including cardiovascular disease, female cancers, the role of hormones in disease and stage-of-life health issues like pregnancy and menopause and diseases disproportionately affecting women. We also fund studies on sex differences where gender or sex has been under examined.


2021 online applications will be accepted on our website when announced during the first quarter of the new year. The deadline is typically by end of the second quarter; final awardees selected by year end.


FWW Awardees

FWW awardees have successfully published their work in recognized medical journals, received mainstream media attention, presented findings to wider medical audiences and secured larger funding to advance their research. FWW is proud of their contributions to improve women’s health.

“This award [will] truly make a difference in moving our work in women’s health forward.” – FWW awardee
“…the [small study FWW funded] has received media attention from over 120 media outlets nationally and internationally. I hope this brings awareness to the importance of FWW’s efforts.” – FWW awardee
“As budget cuts make it more and more difficult to get research funded [these awards] are critical to foster the next generation of investigators in women’s health.” – FWW awardee