FWW Newsletter Archives

    Issue 1. January 2003
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: Response to Latest Research
  • Friendship Critical for Reducing Stress in Women
  • Women’s Health Factoids: Did You Know? (breast cancer mortality, gender disparity in smoking’s effects, benefits of moderate exercise, bone density tests, foot pain, knee health, sunshine and vitamin D, mammography, gender health spending)
  • Red Clover May Help Reduce Hot Flashes
  • New on Bookshelves: “Eve’s Rib: The New Science of Gender-Specific Medicine & How It Can Save Your Life”
  • FWW News: FWW’s Student Intern Support Helps Lead to Important New Finding About Heart Disease; An Evening of Conversation about Women’s Health
    Issue 2. September 2003
  • Heart Disease: #1 Cause of Death in Women: Causes, Symptoms, Risks, Prevention, & Treatment
  • Women’s Health Factoids: Did You Know? (osteoporosis, stress, irritable bowel syndrome, pre-menstruation & health conditions, medicine effectiveness, self-breast exams, alcohol tolerance, gender differences in brain development)
  • Hormone Therapy & Latest Reports from the Women’s Health Initiative: A Conversation with Lila Nachtigall, MD
    Issue 3. September 2004
  • Rebound Headaches: “A Silent Epidemic”, What Every Woman Should Know About Headaches
  • Dietary Supplement Use: Considerations for Vitamins, Herbs & Nutrient Enhanced Foods
  • Women’s Health Factoids: Did You Know? (depression, walking, calcium supplements, bone health, daily aspirin, colon cancer, sleep apnea, fighting infections, flossing, golf injury prevention)
  • Foundation for Women’s Wellness News: Student Research Stipend Award 2003/2004 Recipients; FWW Research:Clotting & Hormone Replacement Therapy
    Issue 4. March 2005
  • Female Sexual Concerns: Receiving New Medical Attention
  • Physical Pain in Women: Medical Research Identifies Gender Differences
  • Women’s Health Factoids: Did You Know? (heart health, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, maintaining weight loss, bicycle riding, liposuction’s health effectiveness)
  • FWW Research News: Women’s Health Research Award
  • New On Bookshelves: “Why I Wore Lipstick…To My Mastectomy”
  • In The News: Safety of Aleve
    Issue 5. December 2006
  • Female Fatigue: Why Sleep is a Health Concern for Millions of Women & What New Research is Disovering About Why
  • The Menopausal Middle: Important Health Implications for Abdominal Fat
  • Women’s Health Factoids: Did You Know? (chronic stress and weight gain, disordered eating and injuries in female athletes, cola drinks and its effects on bone mineral density in women, heart attack symptoms in women, gender and the effectiveness of aspirin on the prevention of heart attacks, thyroid and autoimmune diseases in women)
  • New On Bookshelves: “Courageous Confrontations: Lives Transformed by Life-Threatening Illness” and “Inventing the Rest of Our Lives: Women in Second Adulthood”