About Us

FWW: Improving women’s health care through research and education

The Foundation for Women’s Wellness (FWW) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity dedicated to improving women’s health by raising support for innovative early-stage research and education.

FWW Research Awards provide financial support for small, short-term studies with promise for advancing women’s health. We target leading women’s health concerns including cardiovascular disease, female cancers and hormones’ role in disease and stage-of-life health concerns such as pregnancy and menopause. Our awards aim to address a significant need in medical research today — funding for nascent ideas with potential big impact for improving women’s lives.

Our selection process is guided by FWW’s Medical Advisory Board who consult with leaders in academic medicine to identify the best proposals and investigators with important ideas and well designed studies. FWW awardees have published in prestigious medical journals and successfully secured larger grants to advance their work.

FWW also believes in investing in the future through Fellowship Awards to support emergent physician-scientists dedicated to women’s health fields.

Our infrastructure and fundraising spending is minimal ensuring donor’s dollars go directly to research and fellowship awards.

Join us in our efforts.


FWW does not endorse any specific product, brand, medical protocol, website, publication or the like. Founded in 1997 by an internationally renowned physician in women’s health and hormones, FWW is committed to supporting and disseminating scientifically sound and balanced research and analysis. Information provided by FWW does not substitute for individual care and assessment by a qualified physician or healthcare provider.